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If your dog dislikes the rain, Seattle might not be the place for you. If you don’t mind the rain, you’ll be in good company in Seattle, where there are more dogs than children. If you don’t want to bring your umbrella and rain boots, there’s even an indoor dog park, and you can get there dry because dogs are allowed on city bus lines, light rail, ferries, and even seaplanes. There are over 32 dog-friendly meetup groups and plenty of dog-friendly businesses to visit with your dog.

There are 100+ Dog Boarding in Seattle, but we have listed the top Dog Boarding Near Me in Seattle

Must Have Features in House Dog Boarding

  • Private enclosures
  • Inside sleeping/eating area
  • Outside exercise area
  • Small/large dog areas
  • Family boarding
  • Playtime options
  • Exceptionally clean
  • Monitored 24/7
  • Personalized service

Below are the best and affordable dog boarding providers in Seattle. Your Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter, and Dog Walker in Seattle.

  • A Canine Experience Inc.
  • Adventure Dog Ranch
  • Baba Lu’s Playhouse
  • Canine Comfort Corner
  • Cascade Kennels
  • Central Bark
  • Clubhouse for Dogs
  • Country Kennels
  • Finn Hill Animal Hospital
  • Greentree Animal Hospital
  • Hillrose Pet Resort
  • House of Ruff
  • Metro Dog
  • Myownly Boarding Kennel
  • Paradise Pet Lodge
  • Paws N Pals Doggy Daycare
  • Seattle Canine Club
  • The Barking Lounge
  • The Family Pet

A Canine Experience Inc.

A Canine Experience Inc. provides dog boarding services in Seattle and the surrounding areas. The dogs have access to a heated kennel and are occasionally let out into a fully fenced yard for individual playtimes and bathroom breaks. Doggie day training and obedience classes are among the other services provided by the company. Additionally, service dog training is available, including diabetic alerts. A Canine Experience Inc. is a family business that spans generations. It’s been in operation since 1995.

koruk9 – Seattle, WA: Dog Boot Camp / Board & Train

Our Dog Boot Camp, also known as our Board and Train Program, in the Seattle, WA area is unlike any other. What’s the difference? A method of training that allows you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to your own home.

  • In-home training in one of our trainer’s homes
  • Maximum of five dogs per session
  • One-on-one personalized attention
  • 24/7 immersion in our training program

We help your dog learn rules, structure and obedience to become an upstanding canine companion.

Adventure Dog Ranch

Adventure Dog Ranch is a cage-free boarding facility that serves clients in the Seattle area. It was founded in 2007 by Steve and Kerri Pinkston. The ranch was established as an alternative to traditional kennels, where dogs spend the night in cages. Instead, Adventure Dog Ranch has four communal heated rooms with cots and blankets where dogs can sleep. During their stay, dogs can romp, run around, and play in three separate play yards.

SooscreekkennelsDogs and Owners in Seattle

Your dog is a member of your family, and having a well-behaved dog makes life easier for everyone in the household, including your dog. All dogs, big or small, enjoy knowing their place in their family (pack). This knowledge gives them the confidence to settle into their new role and responsibilities. Their natural desire to compete for pack leader is also alleviated by proper obedience.

Soos Creek is a great place to train. Dan’s domain has always been Kennel. He literally learned to walk by leaning on a dog, which marked the beginning of his lifelong dream of raising, showing, competing, and training dogs.

Baba Lu’s Playhouse

Baba Lu’s Playhouse is a dog boarding facility in Seattle that provides care for dogs in a homelike setting. In a home with a large backyard, the company, which was founded in 2010, hosts dogs for overnight stays or daycare. Baba Lu’s Playhouse’s flexible, accommodating, and thoughtful owner, as well as her home’s fun, comfortable environment, have been praised by clients.

Canine Comfort Corner

Canine Comfort Corner is a group of dog care experts serving the Seattle area. Boarding is one of the services it provides, and it includes playtime with the staff and other boarded dogs. The facility provides toys, blankets, and private kennels, and they are cleaned on a regular basis with chemical-free products. Canine Comfort Center also provides boarding and train services. Janice, the company’s founder, focuses on competitive agility and dog obedience training. She also takes in and re-homes stray dogs.

Cascade Kennels

Cascade Kennels, located on seven acres of ponds, woods, and trails, offers dog boarding to visitors from Seattle and the surrounding areas. The Woodinville facility has been in operation since 1975, providing boarding, daycare, grooming, and training services. Its staff provides day boarding and overnight boarding services to owners and their dogs. They also administer medications and supplements as needed. Cascade Kennels was renovated in 1999 to provide a more modern, comfortable, and secure environment for its guests.

The Family Pet

For more than 70 years, The Family Pet has been serving the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. In addition to boarding, the pet clinic offers services such as medication dispensing, nail trimming, bathing, and anal gland expressions. In addition to wellness exams, dental checkups, microchipping, and other veterinary services, The Family Pet is a full-service clinic. The Greater Seattle Business Association, the Washington State Veterinary Association, and the Puget Sound Veterinary Medical Association are all members of the clinic.

The Barking Lounge

The Barking Lounge is a dog boarding facility in Seattle that offers individual and comfortable accommodations for dogs of all sizes. Each overnight or daycare dog gets to play in the company’s outdoor facilities. The Barking Lounge also sells pet toys and offers bathing services. The company received the Best of Western Washington Award from King 5’s Evening Magazine and the Best of Award from Seattle Magazine. The Seattle Dog Daycare Association is a founding member of The Barking Lounge.


Rover is the largest network of pet care providers in the Seattle metropolitan area, with hundreds of professionals offering trusted boarding services for cats and dogs. Simply look through the profiles of local sitters to see pricing, photos, and send a direct message. Sitters provide boarding and the option of arranging a meet-and-greet prior to booking. Rover’s team of sitter experts has approved all sitters, and they will provide photos and doggie updates throughout the stay. Dog walking, pet sitting, and doggie daycare are all services offered by Rover.

Paradise Pet Lodge

Pet boarding is available at Paradise Pet Lodge in Seattle. It has ceiling fans, zone-controlled floor heating, and an outside air exchange system for fresh air, and it is suitable for cats and dogs. Brian and Libby Baarstad founded the company in 1990. Libby has been an animal lover since she was a child, and she used to get in trouble for bringing stray animals into their home, while Brian has extensive experience in the business and remodeling fields.

Metro Dog

Metro Dog is a Seattle-based family business that caters to pet owners and their four-legged companions. To meet the needs of its guests, it offers a variety of boarding packages. It has orthopedic and elevated beds, fleece blankets, and night lights, as well as kennels and crates. In addition, its staff looks after the daycare, home care, and medical needs of dogs. Since 2001, Metro Dog has provided daycare and kennels.

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