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As a dog owner, you must be vigilant at all times to ensure that your pet is safe and well-cared for. No, you don’t need to be high on caffeine and watch their every move; you just need to be extra cautious.

Every year, the number of pet bloggers grows, providing an opportunity to share information, converse, and even meet up for dog walks, social events, and competitions. But how do you know which blog is the most useful and which you can trust? So we are here to help. We have listed top website where you can read pet care blogs.


Are you looking for the best pet health blog and animal guest post wesbite? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to list the top 100 animal blogs that accept guest posts, along with their DA (Domain Authority), traffic, and ‘write for us’ pages, in this article.

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Where dog health and human health go hand in paw

Even the most experienced pet owners could benefit from some advice now and then. That’s where we can help! We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 pet blogs of 2021 to assist you in finding the best pet advice, funny videos, and cute pictures. These fantastic blogs can provide you with advice, support, or just a good laugh, whether you have a goldfish, parrot, or Siamese cat.

Animal Boarding Near Me

Animal Boarding Near Me offers animal caring tips to pet owners and lovers, also to those who want their animals to have long, happy, healthy lives. At Animal Boarding Near Me, we work with vets, pet shops, livestock, farmers, and experts.

Blog Paws

With a tagline like “Shaping social media excellence, influence, and education one amazing pet parent at a time,” it’s clear that the people behind this pet blog are passionate about animals. This pet health blog is best for sharing ideas and tips because it brings pet lovers together through social media.

Oh My Dog

This website was created by a dog lover and pet blogger. The articles are entertaining to read, and the site also contains reviews, making it a one-stop shop for dog owners across the country.

Pawsitively Pets

A fantastically entertaining website that covers everything you need to know about pets, including some exotic ones. The blog, which is run by a Veterinary Technician, features some interesting articles about pet health.

Pressplay Pets

The site focuses entirely on cats, truly understanding their needs and assisting owners in finding the best advice for their feline friends, winning The Petties Dogtime’s Pet Blog Award 2013 for Best Overall Pet Blog.

The Conscious Cat

Winner of the The Petties Dogtime’s Pet Blog Award 2013 for Best Overall Pet Blog, the site focuses completely on cats, really understanding their needs and helping owners to locate the correct advice for their feline friends.

The Dogington Post

“The internet newspaper: all about dogs” is a fantastic blog. An excellent pet blog that covers everything dog-related in the news, as well as some health and lifestyle features. Ideal for the dog lover who is well-known on social media.


Dogster is a publication dedicated to dog lovers who want the most up-to-date expert advice on dog behavior, health, news, and entertainment. Find out about training, veterinarians, and breeds. Use the groups and forums to connect with friends and share information. You’ll find some dog food recipes here, as well as a lot more.

DogTipper showcases tips and top products for dogs, all selected by authors Paris Permenter and John Bigley.

Dog Health, Dog Supplies, Apparel, Jewelry, and Home & Garden articles. Because we believe #AllDogsMatter, we create fun and unique products that benefit animal shelters and rescue groups.


Check out our articles on how to provide a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Find out about dog-friendly national parks, the advantages of adopting a pet, dogs that are good for apartment living, Valentine’s Day pet gifts, and more.

Adopt A Pet

This non-profit animal welfare organization assists rescued animals in finding new homes. Even if you already have a zoo full of pets, you’ll want to take a look! The Adopt A Pet blog has information for cats and dogs on training, health, safety, nutrition, and other topics.

Here are the top pet health blog website accepting new article:

S.No.Pet Guest Post WebsiteDATrafficSubmit Guest Post
2One Green Planet76385534Submit
3The Spruce Pets7112225009Submit
9The Fact Site611247519Submit
10Pet Partners6140271Submit
11The Mancunion6044805Submit
14Dogs Naturally Magazine59429658Submit
16World Animal Protection5737677Submit
17The Dogington Post5779612Submit
21Embrace Pet Insurance55589675Submit
24Companion Animal Psychology5529875Submit
25Go Pet Friendly54175715Submit
26Pet Rescue Blog531301Submit
27First Home Love Life523651Submit
29Pretty Fluffy511263Submit
303 Million Dogs5139521Submit
31Chelsea Dogs5076876Submit
333 Boys And A Dog5017188Submit
34Fetch! Pet Care4947579Submit
36Animal Wellness Magazine4826046Submit
37World Animal Net481761Submit
38Trip & Travel Blog471152Submit
39Anything Pawsable4616214Submit
41Fidose of Reality468409Submit
42Dogs Monthly461049Submit
43We Love Cats and Kittens453010Submit
44We Love Cats and Kittens456638Submit
46All Pet News441660Submit
47Untrained Housewife441659Submit
49Kol’s Notes438918Submit
50Small Dog Place42244164Submit
51All Natural Pet Care423527Submit
52Animal Bliss429861Submit
53Puppy In Training4251997Submit
56Kol’s Notes417667Submit
57Wild Hearted413661Submit
59Wag The Dog UK3911232Submit
60Fuzzy Faces Dog Training39199Submit
61Wag The Dog392922Submit
62Our Fit Pets3933087Submit
63Crayon Box Chronicles39944Submit
65Pet Problems Solved3811Submit
66House Of Petz381254Submit
67The Plaid Horse3725097Submit
68Schnauzers Rule3720864Submit
69Our Beautiful Planet363585Submit
70The Good Vet & Pet Guide3616384Submit
71The Pet Town3630320Submit
72Pet Food Talk361934Submit
73HavaHart Wireless36Submit
74Heads Up For Tails362039Submit
76Woof Dog3538564Submit
77Dog Club351633Submit
78Way Cool Dogs35731Submit
79Little Dog Tips348589Submit
81Pet Blog341452Submit
82Pet Movers342042Submit
83Lost Pet Research342959Submit
84We’re All About Pets3422714Submit
86Pet Loves Best3327939Submit
88The Pet Show with Warren Eckstein332433Submit
89Animals Comparison3325335Submit
90Animal Wellness Guide33483Submit
91Understanding Pet Fancy Rats328015Submit
92The Modern Dog Trainer324087Submit
93Birds of a Feather32533Submit
94The Animal Store329522Submit
96Handspring Publishing313872Submit
97All Pet Voices3190Submit
99Pet Price List3187885Submit
101Best Dog Vitamins30101Submit

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