Why Does My Dog Lick Me In The Face So Much

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As a pet owner, you must be aware of dog face-licking, whether you think it’s cute or not. But why do dogs lick your face? Should you stop the behavior? Have you ever thought why does my dog lick me so much in the morning? Let get the answer to this.

The salt in human sweat is very appealing to dogs which is why they love to lick you when you’re especially sweaty.
It appears to be innocuous enough. You talk to your dog while it laps at your mouth and cheeks with its tongue, or you come home from work and place your lips on your dog’s in a greeting to say hello.

Although it may appear to be the ultimate expression of affection, experts warn against such kisses: “Beware of dogs.”

What’s the harm in that?
Most animals’ mouths are home to “an enormous oral microbiome of bacteria, viruses, and yeast,” according to Dr. Neilanjan Nandi, an assistant professor of medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia.

Dr. Nandi claims that a dog’s saliva contains proteins that may help it cleanse or heal its wounds, but he also says, “There are some organisms unique to dogs that we were simply not meant to tolerate or combat,” in a paragraph titled “Why Not to Make Out With Your Pet.”

Why does my dog lick me in the face so much?

To comprehend why they lick us, we must first understand why dogs use their tongues in the first place, and numerous reasons can be traced back to their first few days of life:

A puppy’s mother will lick it as soon as it is born to clean up the afterbirth, ensure it has taken its first breath, and stimulate blood flow.

A mother will lick a newborn pup to help it go to the bathroom, and she will use her mouth and snout to nudge any canines who refuse to eat.

Most mummy dogs have multiple litters, and because she lacks hands or opposable thumbs, she cares for them with her mouth – not to mention the occasional nip when they need to be taught some basic puppy manners.

Most puppies are born with their eyes closed and do not open them until they are a week or two old. They rely on their senses of taste, smell, and sound for the first couple of weeks. They search for milk with their noses, and when they get close enough, their tongues come out.

They learn their place in the world over the next few weeks by communicating with their mother and siblings. They get a nip when their behavior needs to be changed and a lick when they’re shown affection.

This behavior often carries over into adulthood; even an adult dog will nip to show dominance and lick to show submission.

What other illnesses can be transmitted with your Dog licking you?

Other infections, such as hookworms and roundworms, can be spread through a practice known as coprophagia, in which animals eat each other’s feces or lick each other’s anuses, according to Dr. Nandi.

According to one more study, a puppy could have as many as 20 million to 30 million roundworm eggs in its intestinal tract in one week, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the immediate past president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. He said a roundworm infection nearly blinded a client’s child at his Greensboro, N.practicetise.

What precautions should I take When My Dog Lick Me?

• Make sure your pet is current on all vaccines.

• New pets should undergo deworming.

• Keep your pets away from the feces of other animals.

• Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

Why does my dog lick me so much in the morning?

The dogs lick faces so much behavior of adult dogs to prompt the regurgitation of partially digested food has evolved into the typical dog face-licking behavior. This is how puppies progress from suckling their mother’s milk to partially digested food and finally solid food.

Licking the face of another dog or a human is expected social behavior. Licking is a social deference gesture that dogs use to appease their owners. It can also be interpreted as a request for food, more social information, affection, or attention.

Grooming can also include a dog licking faces or other body parts. Your dog might lick the face of his canine housemate, as well as yours or other body parts. If your dog can’t reach your face, he’ll lick the closest part of your body, which could be your hand, arm, or leg. Licking behavior can be interpreted as a sign of affection in some cases.

Some dogs may attempt to lick the face of a stranger. Why do they behave in this manner? It could be an attempt to appease the stranger so that they do not harm or threaten the dog. When dogs lick children’s faces, it could be a sign of affection, appeasement, or simply the act of cleaning food residue from their faces.

Is My Dog Face Licking a Health Risk?

Dog saliva does not pose a health risk to healthy children and adults with intact skin. Allowing your dog to lick an open wound on your skin, on the other hand, is not healthy. Their saliva may keep the damage moist and open, allowing bacteria to thrive and potentially cause a skin infection.

There have been 12 cases of people getting sick from a bacteria carried in the dog’s saliva reported to the CDC last year. The bacteria Capnocytophaga canimorsus was to blame in those cases. This bacteria can be found in both dogs and cats and is entirely harmless for them.

However, if an individual’s immune system is weakened, the bacteria can cause an infection. An open wound, such as a bite or a cut on the skin, is required for the bacteria to enter the skin.

The dog’s saliva must come into contact with the open wound, and the dog must have a high concentration of that particular bacteria. After petting any dog, it is best to wash your hands.

Should I allow my dog lick me so much in the morning?

A dog licking the face or other body parts of most healthy people should pose a negligible health risk. Don’t let dogs lick your mouth or get too close to an open skin wound if you’re worried.

I occasionally allow dogs to lick the underside of my chin. Then I immediately wash my face or sanitize that area of my face with an antibacterial spray or gel. Alternatively, I could let them lick my hand and then clean or use an antibacterial spray or gel on my hands afterward.


Your dog’s favorite part of the day is giving you a loving kiss on the lips. Kisses on the lips are what dogs are born to offer, according to Labra-law. With a slurpy smooch, Labradors and other lovable breeds want to express their love for you. So go ahead and follow Labra’s rules. Make your dog’s day, as well as your own, by giving them a big kiss on the mouth, a sign of affection.

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